Current Positions Available

16A1 - Business Intelligence and Strategic Security Lead

Bring your senior IT management, business intelligence experience with innovative thinking and sound knowledge of information security to help us deliver exciting new services in the mining industry.

Iron Spear operates across all industries and has strategic partnerships to provide a wider range of services outside of information security. Security is NOT achieved by implementing technology, rather by mitigating risk. By translating technical vulnerabilities into business risk and seeking effective mitigating controls based upon the business risk, security will begin to add value to any organisation. Similarly as with any situation, intelligence is the key in making effective decisions, whether it be business or risk related. We are seeking to enhance our offerings with business intelligence as well as developing the synergy between the fields.

The Business Intelligence and Strategic Security Lead will need to use their previous experience to engage the mining industry at the executive and operational levels to develop our new service line which will provide services in the business intelligence and strategic security fields.

We aim to provide the mining industry with focused business intelligence as well as aligning to leading information security practices, both of which are immature in the industry. You will work with clients to develop their specific requirements, research industry and technology trends and develop strategic plans for clients with pragmatic recommendations for implementation.

You will propose implementation plans aligned to the customer organisational objectives, risk tolerance and strategic intelligence requirements. Emphasis is on both business intelligence and information security, ranging from data acquisition in the field to centralisation and storage at enterprise level, and the protection of data in these processes. Experience with ISA 95 standard implementation in the mining context is essential as well as ISO 27001, COBIT and NIST.

The Business Intelligence and Strategic Security Lead will have substantial influence on the planning, prioritisation and strategic direction of the mining enterprise information strategies. They will be deeply engaged across the mining business, taking the time to observe, understand and address the industry, organisational and location-based information requirements, risks and goals. You will act as an influencer to enhance information security practices in the field and be able to further the security as well as overall IT related services we offer to the industry.

The ideal candidate has over 10 years’ IT Management experience and a track record of success in IT-related roles in the mining industry, and must have extensive understanding of the mining life-cycle and associated organisational maturity, comprehension of the culture and familiarity with mining related health & safety requirements.    The ideal candidate will have business and computer science related qualifications and sound experience in working internationally with multi-national companies.

This is a full time, permanent position with market related compensation and benefits. A valid driver’s license and passport are essential as the position will require frequent travel to international client sites, often in remote areas.

This is truly an opportunity for a strong goal-minded person with the ability to sell and influence at the executive level but is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work in the trenches.

Should you want to apply for this exciting position, please send a resume with a cover letter explaining why you would fit this position by hitting the button below.